Golf Courses

They are living breathing things -- the spirit and essence of golf itself. Unlike other sporting venues that merely host their respective games…golf courses ARE the game! They are not just a place where great battles are waged. They are the very spirit of those battles. Offering countless challenges and deserving of the humble tribute that each one of us who take part can give.

At Single Malt Media we know golf! While we can brag about many areas of expertise in our daytime jobs, golf is something that we live and something that we love. One of the most dramatic advances in the television and motion picture industry has an unprecedented value to the golf course and golf resort industry. From marketing to course management or course improvement, SMM has the tools you need to promote and maintain your club.

Our work has been featured on television networks around the world including Golf Channel and NBC Sports. Give us a call and let’s discuss what we can we do for you!
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